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S T I L L - - D O L L

You have stumbled across Meko's LiveJournal, and are wanting to know more about it and herself.

Well, she's a rabid manga fan, and enjoys the many shoujo mangas available to her. She also enjoys writing, so expect fanfictions and original works. She has a large variety of shoujo manga fandoms, including her favorites: Fruits Basket, Koukou Debut, Vampire Knight, Beast Master, Hoshi wa Utau, and Special A.

Her newly made Graphics Community is located at meko_graphics. It may not be updated often, though. (: She'll try. The community is strictly manga/anime that she enjoys, that said, mostly shoujo-related manga graphics.

Though, her journal is Friends Only, she encourages you to read This Post. Feel free to drop a comment if interested in becoming friends. However, there is no guarantee of updates on personal matters... She has a personal journal for that.

Meko's journal is old and she is starting anew, please bear with her. Maybe not every day, but it will be updated when she can. This isn't her first LiveJournal, though. She owns another which will not be named, as it is Friends Only, and this is just her Fandom journal. She loves new friends, too. As long as they are nice and squishie. :B

Most people take interest in her username, "what does it mean?", you might wonder. "Me" means "Eye" in Japanese, and "Ko" means "Child". So 'Meko' basically means Eye Child. ^___^ "Pon" is just an ending, often associated with something "Cute."

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